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About Me

Ready to Look and Feel Balanced and Revitalized?

Hi, I'm Carolina

I’m a Licensed Holistic Health and Nutrition Coach. I’m committed to coaching and inspiring powerhouse women like you to reach their best selves and creating a lasting difference in their lives, even if they have little time or little ones.

I’ve been exactly where you are! Fighting for my health as a result of imbalances in my hormonal system that ended up in a diagnosis of Adenomyosis, but I won my battle and came out the other side with a passion for helping other amazing women find the same health I experience on a daily basis, while still loving and enjoying your life.

I’m here to help you balance your hormones and live your best life.

As a Health Coach, you expect always to be healthy, have endless energy and live a vibrant life. After all, you have the knowledge, and the tools and you have helped so many women reach their best life possible. 

Well, let me tell you, friend, this is not always true. After a crazy stressful period of my life, my body didn’t feel the same.  I started showing some symptoms of hormonal imbalance, like heavy and irregular periods, mood swings,  hair loss, and I was exhausted all the time! 

I thought this was all just a “normal” part of being a woman over 40. Little did I know how wrong I was! a few months later my period was out of whack and was so painful, I started gaining weight and was moody all the time. So I went for a check-up because I knew it was not normal… that was not my body. 

Let me tell you friend that those uncomfortable symptoms are way to common ( 90% of menstruating women in north America reported experiencing some sort of period pain or symptom) and they are NOT normal.
Rather, they are our bodies' way of telling us our hormones are out of balance and need support.

Let's continue my story, shall we…

So I went for my check-up, and as suspected, something wasn’t working well. I was referred to multiple blood tests, sonograms, and even an MRI to find out I was suffering from something called Adenomyosis.  A medical condition in which the inner lining of the uterus (endometrium) grows into the muscular wall of the uterus (myometrium). Causing the uterus to become enlarged, painful and heavy during menstrual cycles.

So that was the explanation for my horrible symptoms and discomfort. As a treatment, I was offered to extract my uterus (hysterectomy), hormonal patches, hormonal therapies to put my body in early menopause or an IUD. NONE of these alternatives will help me to heal. They would only mask the symptoms and will put my body in a dormant unnatural state. 

That’s not what I wanted! and definitively not what I expected from “modern science”. So, I refused those options and committed to being gentle with my body and taking amazing care of it. After all, I had the knowledge and the tools (remember), so I began implementing my new learnings into my daily life.

The results were surprising in the best possible way. I began having regular, dependable menstrual cycles for the first time EVER, and my symptoms diminished over time. No more midol or hot water bottle, “special” stretchy pants to accommodate the insane bloat, massive fights with my hubby the week before my period, crazy sugar cravings or intense bouts of fatigue. No more saying no to fun plans  because it was “that time of the month.” 

Ahhh! I just started to feel like myself again! My mood, energy and weight stabilized, my hair grew back thick and full, my IBS symptoms went dormant, my skin literally started glowing, and my sleep and sex life both improved. 

And what's more important.....

All this was possible without making sacrifices like a crazy diet, counting points or big restrictions in my life. What it took me was the commitment to heal and put together the right steps in the right order in a protocol that I now teach my clients all over the world.  

I’m here to tell you, friend, that balanced hormones can be achieved through the most DELICIOUS food and seriously enjoyable (yet effective) action steps. 


Ready to Reset your life?

It's My Dream to Share the Gift of a Balanced Mind and Body With You!

I struggled with these issues for years, and the entire time I felt so alone. It was like no one really understood me, and I just wanted a little encouragement, some support. That’s the person that I want to be for you.

I’m a Licensed Health Coach, and also a transformational, and most importantly I already walked the path you are on right now, so I know exactly how I can help you regain your precious life. 

I know you are ready to take action!

Quantify all the money and time you will save by working with me. The cost of medical exams, medicines, memberships, generic and cheap courses that you never finish and that do not teach you in-depth strategies to balance your body, endless hours looking at social media for the “latest trend” or a “magic cure”, loss of productivity… among other things.

Let me tell you, one of the best things I have done for myself has been to invest in my growth and my physical, mental and professional well-being. This is why today I want to invite you to listen to your ‘future self’, to visualize that empowered woman who awaits you on the other side of doubt and ask her what step you took at this moment. Let her be your guide.

If you need more details on how working with me can directly benefit you, feel free to schedule a complimentary strategy call. It is free, and I will be happy to answer all your questions and help you clear the picture.


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