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Corporate Wellness

Help your employees improve their overall health, performance, and productivity

How Health Affects Your Bottom Line

Canadian companies lose an estimated $16.6 billion in productivity per year due to employee absenteeism. The average worker is absent a total of 2 full weeks due to minor illnesses, mental health issues and long-term disabilities.

All this could be avoided by developing and implementing a much-needed in-house Health Wellness Program for employees to learn and engage together towards better healthy living.

How is Corporate Health Coaching Different?

Unlike a standard, self-guided program, the Corporate Health and Wellness Coach delivers customized and individual attention to your employees, guiding their transformation into a healthier, happier and more engaged worker. The Corporate Health Coach complements the employer’s effort to keep employees safe and build a value-centred work environment.

Here Are Some Benefits Of Having A Workplace Wellness Program

Many companies have discovered the power of having a Corporate Health and Wellness Coach to design, guide and motivate employees to become advocates of their own health.


As a Health and Nutrition Coach, I will add the human interaction factor to your existing program, or will help you design a customized wellness plan based on your corporate values and culture to provide your staff with a complete wellness experience.

Corporate Wellness Services

Health Coaching:

Habit-based coaching strategy to support your employees to overcome behavioural barriers and develop life-lasting healthy habits. This service can be provided on site or virtually. Some of the goals we could work together include:

Offerred as individual personal sessions or group coaching.

Webinars and Seminars:

Use the lunch hour to maximize employee benefits by offering 1-hour lunch and learn programs. You can also engage your staff in focused, hands-on seminars to connect with employees and instill healthy habits and wellbeing. These educational presentations are custom-created. Topics can include:

The Stress-Less Program

Build a more resilient organization. This 6-part course has been designed to improve employee well-being by promoting better sleep, reducing stress and anxiety, and developing more mindfulness. When employees and managers learn to deal with stress effectively there are many long-term benefits in reducing costs and improving productivity.

The Stress-Less Course is a six-week training program built to help your employees reduce the effects of stress on their minds and body and find ways to manage it all so they can be healthier and more productive. Participants will attend one 1-hour class per week for six weeks and will receive an informative handout per class.

Additionally, you have the alternative to pair this course with a 2-week challenge to help your employees reduce stress from their personal or professional life the most effective way. Daily lessons and strategies will be delivered in a drip-feed fashion through a coaching Sofware (mobile app available).    

3-Months Stress Free Mastermind

Help your employees rewrite their entire health and mindset and improve their productivity and energy levels so they can achieve the success they want in their personal and professional life.

Stress is one of the most common challenges employees face. It’s also one of the most damaging, too. Unmanaged stress can lead to burnout, unhealthy habits, and harm employees’ mental and physical health. 

This high-level mastermind was created to mentor and assist your employees in identifying their life stressors and develop a step-by-step plan to conquer life and work challenges.

Participants will attend four 1-hour weekly classes for three months, for a total of twelve dedicated coaching sessions. This Mastermind program includes 3 monthly comprehensive guides and workbooks, and more than 20 handouts to reinforce learnings. This mastermind can be easily extended to 6 months with bi-weekly classes, depending on your company’s goals and needs.

Additionally, and to help your employees truly transform their lives, this program includes 12 weeks of suggested meals and shopping lists and recipe guides (vegan and omnivore options available).

Your employees will notice improvements in physical and mental health measurements, including blood pressure, sleep quality, emotional stress, and fatigue.


Guidance and resources for building the best workplace wellness program for your organization. We will take into account your company mission, values, goals and culture to create an exceptional, cost-effective experience for your employees. 

Company challenges are great, but they are not your only tool. I will help you navigate your options and build a robust plan to help your company save money, improve morale and establish best practices that will benefit you and your employees.  

Interested in working with me?

Reducing stress with workplace wellness programs

In 1992, a United Nations report called job-related stress “the 20th-century disease,” Almost 30 years later, that still rings true. According to Statistics Canada, more than 6.5 million Canadians (aged 12 and above) consider most days quite a bit or extremely stressful. And for employees who report high stress, 62 percent of them say work is their most significant source of stress.

Well-designed wellness programs help employees effectively manage daily stress. These Corporate Wellness Stress Management Programs have been carefully crafted to improve your employee improve their physical and mental health, including metabolic measurements, sleep quality, digestive health and fatigue.  

By adopting one of these Corporate wellness options you have the opportunity to foster an authentic culture of wellness in the workplace and provide a positive work-life balance. 

Give Your Employees
The Benefit Of Health

Corporate Wellness is not a “one-size-fits-all” solution. My Corporate Wellness Services are customized to your specific company needs, it all starts with an assessment of your current plans, needs and company culture.

Virtual services such as webinars, online coaching, online fitness classes or guided meditations can be delivered stress-free to all your employees regardless of their physical location, which is very valuable, especially during these challenging times.

About Me

Welcome, I’m Carolina. I’m an Occupational Health and Safety Specialist with more than 15 years of experience working in the corporate world. I am also a Certified Health and Nutrition Coach with a vivid passion for keeping people safe and healthy while maintaining a productive work environment.

My goal is to help you develop and implement a Corporate Health and Wellness program to ensure your employees’ wellbeing and motivation while providing a cost-effective solution designed to meet your goals. Let’s partner in health!


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