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meet the Summer Reset

Want to feel and look like a goddess this summer?

question for you...

Are you ready to refresh, revitalize and renew yourself?

Ditch the horrible belly bloat and say hello to a flatter, happier tummy

Get your energy back so you can do more of what you love

Release the toxins making it easy to lose weight and slip back into your favourite jeans

Have beautiful glowing skin and feel fabulous again 


You DO have a choice!



Nourish your body, unleash your inner goddess

Are you ready to reset the clock?

14 Days To Fabulous With a Simple Summer Reset

New Season, New You!

Trust me, I’ve been in your very same shoes. I’m an everyday woman, just like you who have struggled with fatigue, utter exhaustion and even weight gain.

Except… I ended my struggles, and I learned how to hit the RESET BUTTON for a new healthier life. 

Now, you can too. I’m sharing my secrets with you so you can feel and look at your best this summer!

Get Ready To

Change your mindset and nourish your body

Get back on track with your health and weight goals

Feel the drive and energy to spend time with your loved ones

Transform your body into a glowing, fat burning machine

Create a daily routine that works FOR YOU. As unique as you are!

Let's get your fabulous back!

What makes this program different?

  • It is virtual, so you can access your materials, the forum and my coaching at any time from anywhere in the world.
  • It lays out every step you need to take daily, shopping lists, meals, hand outs, daily detox strategies. All set out for you!
  • It’s loaded with delicious recipes, so you never will feel deprived or bored.
  • It was created for busy people, who want a step-by-step plan. I’ve done all the work for you. Now you just need to come on board.


14 Day Summer Reset Program

A simple wholesome program that gives you vitality, confidence and a road map you can follow day-to-day to reboot your body. 

14 Days of Age-Defying Magic With A Simple Daily Regimen

Next Cohort Starts: July 4th, 2022


let's dig into the details

Here's how you will achieve your results



What do you get?

  • Recipe Guide: Packed with delicious recipes that will improve your digestion, jump start your metabolism, and keep you feeling that killer energy all day long. 
  • 14-days of suggested meals and shopping list: Keeps you on track and makes your life easier. Trips to the grocery store are suddenly super simple which makes your meal prepping and cooking a breeze. 
  • 14-days at-a-glance: A day by day overview of your entire cleanse.
  • Food Journal: Helps you keep on track on how you are feeling physically, mentally and emotionally throughout your retreat
  • Amazing handouts: Loaded information and tips to enhance your natural beauty

Enroll today for a special investment of 


One Payment

It’s time to feel great again! Reset, Refresh, Revitalize and Rediscover your Fabulous you!

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The results speak for themselves...

“Not only did I lose 10 lbs in 2 weeks, but I loved every recipe I made; I was never angry, and I wasn’t missing what I wasn’t eating AT ALL. I totally loved my Summer Reset!”

Susan L.

“I can’t believe that I lost 8 pounds in only 2 weeks! I feel amazing and have more energy than ever. Carolina’s program changed my life and the way I looked at food.”

Miranda R.


Hey there,
I'm Carolina

I’m a Licensed Health and Nutrition Coach and a Transformational Life Coach. I’m committed to coaching and inspiring amazing women like you to reach their best selves and create a lasting difference in their lives, even if they have little time or little ones. A healthy body was something I’d always thought was out of reach, but I made it happen, and it changed my life. Now, I’m on a mission to help change and improve the lives of others!

Are you ready to start living a balanced life full of energy, and mental clarity while looking amazing?

Let's get your fabulous back!

I created this Program for 5 BIG reasons:

  1. I want to empower YOU (yeah, you!) with the right tools for a healthy lifestyle, so you can improve your life, your body and your mind!
  2. You can hit your weight loss goals with the ease & grace of a swan. Even if you’ve been stuck in the same weight for a while. This program will help you to move the needle.
  3. You can use this program over and over, especially until you acclimate to this new lifestyle.
  4. You deserve to feel amazing and full of energy!

Ready to get started?



One Payment


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